Héroïdes, 21.1 sq

[ Littera pervenit tua, quo consuevit, Aconti, /Et paene est oculis insidiate meis. ] / Pertimui, scriptumque tuum sine murmure legi, / Iuraret ne quos inscia lingua deos. / Et, puto, captasses iterum, nisi, ut ipse fateris, / Promissam scires me satis esse semel. / Nec lectura fui, sed, si tibi dura fuissem, / Aucta foret saevae forsitan ira deae.

Trad. R. Ehwald:

I READ over your letter in silent fear, nor suffered so much as a murmur to escape me, lest my tongue might rashly swear by some of the gods. I even think you would have ensnared me again, but that, as you own yourself, you knew it was enough I was once promised to you. [5] Nor would I have read it over, but from a fear that my obstinacy might have encreased the anger of the too cruel goddess.